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Programmatic can be confusing even for the most advanced digital marketers.
Join us at the IAB where we will be holding another Vertical Snapshot, this time all things finance! In this snapshot delegates will hear from sector experts to learn more about finance and it’s relationship with the digital world.
The IAB partnered with AIMIA / I2C and MTM to deliver the research that uses Nectar card data to measure the sales uplift caused by exposure to display advertising across a number of FMCG brands. The event will include presentation of the full results followed by a Question & Answer session.
Traditionally the last seminar of the year, our speakers will predict what will happen to the digital landscape during the next year and beyond! In 2016 we heard predictions on all things mobile and in 2015, Data!
Millions of people a day flock to the world wide web to search, investigate and purchase their clothing. Whether it’s to drive customers into store or buy there and then, the digital environment is one of the most effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of the right consumer.
As we all know mobile is still growing rapidly in the online advertising space. It is now, more than ever, a subject that we all need to get our heads around.