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Do you need some time to reflect, take stock, and re-assess your marketing plans? Come to our Half Year Half Time seminar where we will take a look at the successes and lessons learnt from the first half of 2015.
Since Betamax, VHS and DVDs the digital world has taken over the entertainment and media market by storm. It is now the third biggest spender in digital (IAB PwC survey H1 2014) and as it gets harder to grab the viewers attention, how can you make yours stand out?
Join us at our Video Effectiveness seminar where our speakers will demonstrate the effectiveness of video advertising through research, case studies and showcasing the latest emerging video formats. Delegates will see the role video plays in context and also its complementary relationship with TV...
The Retail sector is now the forth-biggest spender in terms of online advertising and accounts for 12.1% of the total spend (IAB/PwC adspend survey Full Year 2014).
With 8 in 10 gamers preferring to download a free game app with advertising than pay for one without (IAB Gaming Revolution, 2014) it seems a perfect place for brands to place their ads.