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The consumer goods sector is now the biggest spender in terms of online advertising and accounts for 29.4% of the total spend (IAB/PwC adspend survey H1 2015). Separately consumer goods is 16.1% and retail is 13.3%.
Come along to our Advanced Attribution seminar where we will be showcasing the latest developments in attribution modelling. This seminar is aimed at delegates with a good knowledge of attribution.
If you are feeling a little lost, or if you are new to this evolving world of programmatic, don’t fret. The IAB have put together our Intro to Programmatic seminar just for you.
After four years of debate and discussion in Brussels, Europe has agreed a new law - the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - that is likely to transform the way the digital advertising sector collects, shares and uses data. Expected to come into force in mid-2018, the new rules will...
Location is arguably what sets mobile apart from other forms of media, and is something which brands and agencies should be excited about.
When it comes to digital advertising there is always a difficulty when it comes to attribution, particularly in mobile. Having a browser and app environment just adds another layer of complexity.
Join us at our Adblocking seminar where we will take you through the latest developments in Adblocking and what that will mean for the digital advertising industry.
Video consumption on mobile has rapidly increased over the last five years and with this has come the exciting prospect of creating compelling mobile video campaigns. In fact ‘40% of UK respondents reported watching more video on their smartphone versus last year’ (IAB Mobile Video Consumption,...
Programmatic can be confusing even for the most advanced digital marketers.
Traditionally the last seminar of the year, our speakers will predict what will happen to the digital landscape during the next year and beyond! We heard predictions on all things Mobile in 2015 and on Data in 2015. What will this year’s event focus on?