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The consumer goods sector is now the biggest spender in terms of online advertising and accounts for 16.1% of the total spend (IAB/PwC adspend survey H1 2014).
If you’re a brand, agency or publisher looking to understand how to achieve the highest ROIs in digital, how to optimise your revenue streams or learn how OPM can help build new product, and bring advertisers ever closer to their consumers, this seminar is a must attend event for you.
Our Media Owners Sales Techniques study showed that 37% of mobile advertising was bought programmatically in 2013 and it’s only getting bigger! Whether you’re and Agency, Publisher or an Advertiser this is something you NEED to know about.
Since Betamax, VHS and DVDs the digital world has taken over the entertainment and media market by storm. It is now the third biggest spender in digital (IAB PwC survey H1 2014) and as it gets harder to grab the viewers attention, how can you make yours stand out?
The Retail sector is now the forth-biggest spender in terms of online advertising and accounts for 12.1% of the total spend (IAB/PwC adspend survey Full Year 2014).
With 8 in 10 gamers preferring to download a free game app with advertising than pay for one without (IAB Gaming Revolution, 2014) it seems a perfect place for brands to place their ads.