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Despite strong growth in display, Search continues to be the most dominant, significant and highly trusted advertising channel in its own right and the key to a truly integrated marketing mix. The IAB / PwC adspend survey showed that the search market was worth £3.77 billion for the whole of 2014...
This workshop is aimed at advertisers, agencies and publishers looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of affiliate and lead generation marketing programmes. UK Marketers are now investing over £1.1 billion in online performance marketing which drives approximately 10% of UK eCommerce...
Whatever part of the digital advertising industry you are part of there’s a good chance you already have an operations team managing your day to day trafficking and trading needs.
With the scale of programmatic penetration pegged at 60% of the £2.6bn display market in the UK alone its evident that programmatic is here to stay and soon to become the dominant trading method used by publishers to monetise inventory efficiently.