Mobile Engage 2014 - programme

Welcome and Introductions

Session 1

  • Psyched and Out: The psychological triggers underlying the adoption and use of mobile devices

Dr Simon Hampton, Lecturer in Psychology, University of East Anglia

An insight into the why we are so addicted to our smartphones       

Exploration of how and if mobile has changed human attitudes and behaviours

Industrial inertia and why the industry is slower than consumers in the drive to mobile

  • Conquer with Context

Mark Freeman, Founding Partner, Movement;   

Mobile has added layers of context to communication that weren’t there before

If you get the context right, address the right desire and get the creative right, you can get audiences to do unusual stuff with their mobiles 

  • The future of search

Ian Carrington, Director of Performance, Northern and Central Europe, Google;

How mobile has transformed search over the last 5 years and the a look to the next 5 years

What next with wearable technology, how will search change with it’s growth

Mobile attribution what next for understanding the true value of mobile


Session 2    

  • Channel the Stream 

Bruce Daisley, Managing Director UK, Twitter;

Why being online constantly on our mobiles changes the way we consume and create content

What does this mean for brands how do they need to change

A showcase of brands making the most of our always connected world 

  • The mobile display story

Mark Slade, Managing Director, 4th Screen;

Explore the journey of mobile display advertising from 5 years ago to today

What does the future hold for mobile advertising, looking at the growth of native and the targeting capabilities of mobile

What great campaigns look like, a look at how creative mobile can be

  • Digital Agencies Can’t Do Mobile

Matt Goldhill, Creative Strategist, Mobile5

Whilst many agencies boast a fantastic Mobile capability, in reality most are still churning out standard GIFs that lead to static landing pages or uninspiring mobile sites. 

There are a handful of smaller, Mobile First agencies that have specialist developer teams and strive to produce more creative, cutting edge and more exciting advertising which truly reflects the advanced technology mobile has to offer. Traditional digital agencies should be worried because they are no longer the most innovative marketers.

  • Take 5ive - Advertiser Session         
  • The Final Five                          

Jon Mew, Director Mobile & Operations, IAB;


Session 3              

  • Tesco's path to innovation 

Nick Lansley, Head of Open Innovation, Tesco

The balance of innovation, and utilising the talent of people internally and externally

How to challenge and change attitudes to make a positive change

The role that mobile is playing in allowing Tesco to innovate

  • Take 5ive - Advertiser Session                                                   


Session 4                                                                               

  • The competition for attention

Tom Chatfield, Author  

The new competition for attention and how mobile has changed it

The impact of wearables and technology getting out of the way

The impact of this for brands looking to advertise and how has mobile changed this


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