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The consumer goods sector is now the biggest spender in terms of online advertising and accounts for 16.1% of the total spend (IAB/PwC adspend survey H1 2014).
As programmatic on mobile firmly establishes itself as both an effective and efficient way of buying and selling mobile inventory it’s never been more important to understand this growing area of the market.
The IAB will host its' first ever Charity Quiz Night in aid of Mind this May!
2015 marked our last ever Mobile Engage.
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The Internet Advertising Bureau will be presenting the results of the third annual Online Performance Marketing study (OPM) carried out by PwC during this short breakfast briefing.
The advancement of digital has changed the way brands behave. To be successful in connecting with consumers in the digital age, a brand has to develop a wide range of skills to grow relationships with their customers.
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Are you looking for a clear status picture of the opportunities that native and content-led advertising solutions can provide publishers and a greater understanding of the challenges these present? This practical workshop will provide the tools and narratives to support teams that are exploring...
As we continue to advance, more businesses and companies come on the scene to innovate new technologies that can make our lives easier and further connect us.
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With new research showing the giddy scale of programmatic trading in the UK it has become more important than ever to have a firm grasp on the principles and pitfalls of this growing trading method. This practical workshop will cover off the current state of the market before breaking down the...
Social media has well and truly hit the mainstream, and is stretching its legs as it reaches maturity. However as spend and investment increases, growing pains can take hold.
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