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Trademob is Europe’s leading technology expert in mobile app marketing. From planning an app launch to re-engaging users and maximizing revenue, the technology company helps build an app marketing strategy from day one and finds the right media mix for every stage in the app marketing lifecycle. Coupling the world’s largest mobile inventory with its own pioneering mobile advertising technologies, the company achieves a maximum volume of high-quality users and revenue for its clients. By leveraging real-time bidding and retargeting through its proprietary technology platform as well as unmatched industry expertise efficient and effective app marketing is achieved. Trademob plans, tracks and optimizes mobile user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns across more than 250 mobile ad networks, RTB exchanges and media partners, reaching over 1 billion iOS and Android users.

Founded in 2010, the venture-backed company is headquartered in Berlin, servicing a multitude of international clients. Trademob serves world-renowned brands such as eBay Classifieds and