Consultation responses

The IAB has responded to the CMA’s ‘call for information’ on the commercial use of consumer data, providing an overview of the UK digital advertising market and how data is used to make some the approaches available to marketers more relevant to consumers.
The IAB has responded to the UK Government’s Balance of Competences Review in the area of information rights, led by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).
The IAB has responded to the Liberal Democrat Policy Review of the creative industries.
The IAB has responded to the Labour Party commissioned Creative Industries and Digital Review. This response discusses the importance of digital advertising to the UK’s creative economy, as well as potential threats to this growing sector.
The IAB has responded to Ofgem’s Retail Market Review consultation. This follows calls from Ofgem to ban the cashback model, which would adversely affect many affiliate businesses.
The IAB has responded to PhonepayPlus’s consultation on new guidance for the use of premium rate services in digital marketing practices and promotions.
The IAB has responded to the Office of Fair Trading’s ‘call for information’ on personalised pricing, setting out how the digital advertising market works as well as providing an update on the EU self-regulatory initiative for targeted advertising to enhance transparency and consumer control.
This is the IAB's written response to the Justice Select Committee inquiry into the EU Data Protection Proposals.
This response to the Ministry of Justice’s call for evidence sets out IAB UK’s views and primary concerns on the Regulation, the potential implications to digital advertising and businesses (including case studies), as well as key recommendations for the UK Government to assist with its developi
The IAB’s response on the article in (1 February 2012) Independent newspaper hea
We thought it would be helpful to reiterate our viewpoint on some of the areas addressed in the Independent news article headlined 'The net closes on cyber-snoopers'.