EU ePrivacy Directive: The Consumer Transparency Framework for Publishers / Affiliates

The Consumer Transparency Framework for Publishers / Affiliates

The IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council’s Consumer Transparency Framework, launched in March 2012, has been updated with latest ICO guidance as well as updated examples of privacy and cookie user information panels. The Guide has been produced to help support and guide publishers and affiliates to establish processes and structures for compliance with the revised Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) 2011.

The Consumer Transparency Framework is an outline approach for the affiliate marketing industry as a whole and it’s an especially useful resource for smaller publishers and affiliates with limited resources. It:

  • Contains background to the law;
  • Indicates a stepped approach to compliance;
  • Includes guidance on how to conduct a cookie audit; 
  • Highlights what publishers and affiliates need to communicate to consumers about what data is collected and used and why;
  • Shows some examples of indicated best practice, and;
  • Includes extensive useful links to resources.

We aim to keep this guide up to date with current best practice and thinking and will update its contents from time-to-time. Please check back for the latest guidance.

Policy issues: 

Available downloads

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