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The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) is the UK trade association for digital advertising, representing the UK’s leading brands, media owners and agencies.

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Consumers are spending 43% of their online time on mobile. Mobile adspend is up 60.3% to £2.627 billion in 2015, accounting for 30.5% of all digital advertising.

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With the explosion of content-based and native advertising in recent years, the breadth of what the term ‘content’ now covers —formats, platforms, message and strategy—and almost every brand now looking to have a digital content strategy (over a...
The evolution of Social Media has moved at such a fast pace that not all marketers have had time to grasp its full potential, yet with its proven record to increase brand awareness and develop great relationships with consumers, marketers need to...
The consumer goods sector is now the biggest spender in terms of online advertising and accounts for 29.4% of the total spend (IAB/PwC adspend survey H1 2015). Separately consumer goods is 16.1% and retail is 13.3%.
A one-day course for advertising sales professionals who require a foundation to intermediate course in digital display advertising sales.

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