Connected TV…the future for targeted advertising?

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Richard Parboo, UK Head of Publishing and Media at Janrain, outlines some key benefits to be reaped from the uptake of connected TV.

We all know that TV ad breaks can be frustrating for consumers. Especially when they know they will end up watching adverts for nappies when they don’t have a child or adverts for dog food when they have a cat.

Many consumers would love to have a say in the adverts they watch and many will be willing to hand over social data in order to receive a more relevant and targeted experience. Some 85% of consumers are currently willing to hand over social data in order to gain a more targeted experience online - so why would they not do the same for TV?

Connected TV, if used to its full potential, has the ability to put the power in the consumer’s hands. It’s predicted that by 2015 nearly all TV’s will have a Connected, Smart, Hybrid functionality and advertisers will therefore be able to know who is watching what, when and target them with appropriate advertising if they use social login to engage the viewers.

The frustrating thing about TV viewing statistics currently is that they are all monitored by the ‘black box.’ This black box only resides on 5,100 TV’s across the UK but is said to represent the viewing behaviour of 26 million households. With Connected TV, combined with a social login facility, consumers would be able to login to their TV or app via an existing social network, opening the can to the social data they choose to share. Advertisers and brands can then use this data to offer viewers a more relevant and targeted experience directly to the hub of the house, the TV.

Advertisers have always wanted to get into the living room of the families across the UK and they do so by fighting for the prime time spot on the TV. This is where Connected TV could change the face of TV advertising because advertisers wouldn’t necessarily need to fight for that spot as they could show relevant adverts to appropriate consumers whenever they were online.

Imagine a world where the consumer effectively chooses the adverts they watch and when. With Connected TV and Social Login they will fundamentally have the ability to do so.
No more untargeted ads for consumers and more revenue for brands! Win, win!

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